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  • 1.What is included in a pair of hinges?

    A pair of hinges includes 2 complete hinges and it includes all mounting screws in the same finish as the hinge you order.

  • 2.How to choose a hinge?

    Different hinges are selected differently. The size of the hinges is directly proportional to the weight of the door. The heavier the door, the more gravity of the hinge is needed. In addition, the color of the metal used in the hinge is preferably consistent with other metal products on the door. When choosing a hinge, it is necessary to choose not only according to the size and weight of the door, but also the length and width, thickness and bearing. Good quality hinges are generally smooth when turning it, and the choice of hinges color is generally only gold and stainless steel.

  • 3.What are the main products produced by our company?

    Hinges. Since the establishment of the company, we have been committed to the production of all kinds of hinges, and most of the products produced and sold by the company are hinges. In addition, we also take into account the production of door stopper, floor stopper, lock, anti-theft eyes and so on.

  • 4.What is the production cycle of our products?

    The manufacturing materials, production processes and operating techniques required for different products are different, so the output efficiency of the products is also different, and the corresponding supply quantity is also different. The production cycle of the product depends on the category and quantity of the product required by the customer. For example, the production cycle of our company's hinges is about 35 to 45 days, and the supply quantity can reach 100,000 to 200,000; while the production cycle of ground suction, door suction and lock products is about 35 days, and the supply quantity is 100,000 or 50,000.

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